My computer crashed, and I’ve lost all my data! What am I going to do now?

If this describes you, then you are not alone.

Even if you’re not pulling your hair out because of data loss frustration at the moment, any one of these problems could send you calling for IT support.

  • hard drive crash
  • virus
  • software glitch
  • human error
  • power surge

The list is endless.

Your work hard all day. The work you do is critical for your company. Sometimes you are working from the office and sometimes remotely. You already know the importance of doing backups, but somehow life gets in the way.

Let’s face it.

Even though doing backups is maybe the easiest thing to do, it isn’t the most convenient.


Because you are focused – as we should be – on more important tasks.

You keep reminding yourself that doing backups is critical, but you keep delaying and delaying.

And then something crashes.

Yes, it happens to all of us.

But the loss of your data doesn’t affect only you.

If you and your colleagues have spent many, many hours on a project, then data loss could set you back weeks or even months.

Is There a Solution to the Never-Ending Problem of Forgetting to do Backups?

Cloud backups can solve this problem for you.


You can solve your negelected backup problem once and for all by deploying a cloud-based workflow and backup solution based on Microsoft OneDrive.

No more worrying about remembering to do your daily backups!

Cloud backups will ensure that you will always have access to your workflow and that your data will always be securely backed up.

  • You won’t have to worry about your computer crashing.
  • You won’t have to worry about losing your data to a virus.
  • You won’t have to worry about losing your data because of human error or local storm activity.

Cloud backup will ensure that all your documents, photos, and desktop are automatically backed up with minimum of 1 TB of space  per user on OneDrive’s cloud.

Why Microsoft OneDrive?

OneDrive offers many advantages when compared to other cloud-based solutions

  • Seamless integration with Office 365
  • Secure encryption through Azure Information Protection
  • Support for 100 languages and more than 270 file formats
  • High availability – (at least 99.7% uptime since 2015)
  • Most economical cloud storage available

It that all?

Not even close.

Depending on plan you choose, you will get:

  • Online file storage
  • Microsoft Exchange, Teams, Yammer
  • Web and mobile versions of Microsoft Office apps (including Word, Excel and PowerPoint)

Core Features

  • You can store files with size of up to 100 GB.
  • You get 1 TB per user or more of storage.

Document Sharing

  • You can securely share files within your organization and with your clients.
  • You can share documents directly from your desktop – without using a web browser.
  • Documents can be shared through link sharing, with further options for authentication to limit access and the link expiry feature for automatic link disabling. Notification messages can be sent at time of document sharing.
  • Policies can be applied to ensure appropriate content sharing.
  • You can revoke access to content at any time.
  • Expiration dates can be set for shared filed and folders.
  • You can block downloading of shared files.

Anywhere access

  • You can access files from anywhere and from any device through OneDrive apps for Windows, iOS and Android. The intuitive user interface can be used by anyone familiar with Windows file manager.
  • Files can be accessed in the cloud.
  • If you work on multiple devices, the file on-demand sync feature can be used to select which files are made available on which devices. This helps to save storage on devices having fixed storage.
  • Changed part of files can be synced independently, rather than syncing the whole file.
  • Syncing can be paused to save bandwidth costs on metered connections.
  • You can work on files after taking them offline. Any changes made while offline are uploaded when you reconnect to the Internet.

Productivity tools

  • You can edit MS Office files and PDF files from any device.
  • You can co-author files on web, desktop and mobile. A single centralized document does away with having to ask for revisions and updates over email. Files can also be restored to previous versions through version control.
  • Comments and tasks can be used for advanced collaboration.
  • You can specify folder and file access for specific recipients.
  • You can set custom passwords for sharing links.
  • You can find relevant files with intelligent search.

Advanced security

  • Data at rest and in transit can be encrypted.
  • Network administrators can control user access to file depending upon user position.
  • Known Folder Move can be used to protect and backup data.
  • You can use advanced data loss prevention to monitor and protect sensitive information.

Office integration

  • You can use web versions of Work, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.
  • Updated versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook for iOS and Android are always available.

Teamwork and communication

  • You can host unlimited HD videoconferences for up to 250 participants.
  • You can use Microsoft Planner for task and team management.
  • You can get a hub for teamwork with Microsoft Teams.
  • Microsoft Teams can be used for direct file sharing.
  • You can use Yammer for collaboration across department and locations.

We understand the frustrations of trying to run a company AND doing IT maintenance and management at the same time. Let us help. Itopia’s enterprise-grade solution is secure, integrated, and economical.

Connect with Itopia today. Our Microsoft consultants will design a solution that is tailor-made for you!

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