Most small and medium-sized businesses rely on computers and laptops to get work done. From compiling reports to communication among the team, these devices make the job easier and more seamless.

However, when customers buy these devices from retail stores, they usually do not realize that they come with Windows 10 Home, which isn’t designed for business usage. In most cases, you require independent tweaks to make the OS work for your business.

Luckily, Microsoft offers Windows 10 Pro, a version designed with the small business in mind. Among its most notable features for businesses include enhanced security, the ability to join Azure AD, and more. We’ll touch on the most essential for your business below.

Top Windows 10 Pro Features for Small Business.

1. Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop allows users to connect to other devices and computers on the domain remotely. The feature is especially handy when working from home.

With more people working remotely because of the pandemic, having Windows 10 Pro allows your staff to access files quickly and easily retrieve information. The data could be anywhere – from a central server or a colleague’s computer on the company’s virtual private network.

You can still use the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) on Windows 10, but you can’t control another device on your network remotely.

2. Assigned Access

Assigned Access restricts access to certain apps on your computer. It controls what other users can do on your system. For instance, you can lock down specific apps and data to deny employees access, specifically those without the necessary authorization.

Also, control what users can do on your computer when they access data remotely, further minimizing threats to your system.

3. Bitlocker

Bitlocker provides data encryption – full disk or individual files, so you can protect your data and keep it safe from hackers.

As more people work remotely, data protection has become increasingly important as cyber-criminals prey on users.

Windows 10 Pro offers this native feature to protect files on your hard disk or external drives. Users require a password to open files, which adds another security layer to protect your small business’s most valuable asset – information.

4. Update for Business

Windows 10 Pro offers Update for Business, a feature that lets you simultaneously update multiple laptops in a domain from a central PC or via the cloud. The process is easy and saves you time while ensuring that all devices have the latest security patches.

The feature is also critical for staff working remotely because you can update their work devices from the cloud. As such, you get enhanced network security and protection across all company computers.


There are many other reasons why Windows 10 Pro trumps Windows 10 for small businesses. However, it comes down to security. Windows 10 Pro is designed to proactively protect and safeguard your PC and business data from hackers and other malware.

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