Not having the right skills to keep pace with modern technology advances only holds back business growth and productivity. It’s where Managed IT Services and Managed Services Providers come in.

Managed IT services refer to the practice of delegating certain business IT tasks and operations to a provider for increased business efficiency, effectiveness and optimized costs.

Managed Services ensure your IT is helping you achieve your business goals at all times. You get on-going IT operations to support package tailored to fit your organization’s needs.

Specifically, Managed IT Services providers help your businesses with the day-to-day running, mobility, maintenance, networking, security, general support of your IT needs and round-the-clock monitoring on an on-going basis.  

Reasons to Use Managed IT Services

Why should your business be using Managed IT services? Here are some of the benefits you’ll reap should choose IT managed-services.

  • Efficient and Reliable IT Operations — Not having employees with the right knowledge and skills to handle an entire network just leads to inefficiency and unreliability. By outsourcing your systems to IT managed services, you are assured of an expert team to keep your entire IT infrastructure efficient and reliable.
  • Cost Effectiveness — Maintaining IT infrastructure and networks in-house can result in huge cost overheads.  Managed IT services play an instrumental role in cost-savings and return on investment. You only pay for what you use and when you use it which helps reduce IT expenses and conserve IT budget.
  • Strategic IT planning —  Access to strategic IT planning detailing comprehensive technology processes aligned to your overall business goals and objectives.
  • Proactive Approach to Maintenance — Managed IT services give you access to day-to-day 24/7 /365 IT support that ensures your IT systems are up and running properly all the time.
  • Up-to-Date Technology — Using outdated software negatively impacts return on investment. Outsourcing your IT systems means that you can get access to the latest tech software, resources and knowledge ensuring your company stays ahead of the game.
  • Enhanced IT Security and Compliance — Managed service providers help protect your business from probable security breaches and take quick action if one does occur. They also provide additional security policies and protocols to ensure compliance.
  • Peace of Mind — With Managed IT services, you can rest assured that your IT systems are reliable thanks to constant monitoring systems, data protection, robust backup, recovery systems and compliance.

Challenges of Managed IT Services

When looking for Managed IT Services, you need to be aware of the following complications

  • Services Options and Availability – Find out provided services, contract terms response times, and availability. You’ll want a company that can provide the services you need and offer remote and on-site services
  • Finding Reliable Managed Services Providers Ensure you look for a provider with a proven track record, understanding, and experience before investing and signing up any contract
  • Strategic IT planning — Without a strategic IT plan, you may not see the benefits of Managed IT Services. Your  MSP should provide guidance on how your IT systems should move forward to support business goals and objectives
  • Long-term Commitment, Scalability and Accountability — It can be frustrating to get into and out of IT contracts with providers. Check for reliable and accountable providers who will offer effective reporting so you can see how much work is accomplished and how much needs to be done to achieve your IT goals
  • Risk Management – Your MSP should proactively monitor and manage your systems, and be ready to solve any challenges before they become a costly problem for your business.

How to Successfully Implement Managed IT Services

Choosing how best to handle your business’s IT needs is a big decision, one that can either hinder or advance you professionally. For a successful implementation in managed IT services, here are a number of important factors to consider;

First think about your requirements and the total IT costs

Have a clear idea of your specific requirements to help decide which subscription package best suits your needs. For instance, ask yourself, ‘Do I need maintenance and upkeep for the entire IT infrastructure?’

Also perform and complete IT analysis to determine the real cost of IT for your business.

For example, consider systems downtime and how frequently it occurs. How much does downtime cost your business? Consider how downtime reduction could improve productivity hours. 

Identify Potential Managed Service Providers

After evaluating your IT requirements and what you need from a service provider, take the time to evaluate several MSPs and request an audit of your systems before choosing one. Most MSPs offer free consultations or strategic advice to help plan your IT projects more efficiently.

Do not just compare cost.

Find a company with a successful track record, one that is familiar with your industry and one that you will be comfortable working with. Do research on their business model. Check their stability and how long they have been in the business.

You could also ask for case studies to get a better idea of what they offer.

Choose a MSP and Pursue Mutual Success through a Partnership

Select a trusted professional that will meet your technology requirements. Choosing the right managed service provider is crucial because IT plays a significant role in your entire organization.

Choose a provider who has your best interests in mind and can provide proactive services that deliver all the outcomes you need.

Nurture and make sure you have a strong partnership with your managed services provider (MSP). A successful partnership is one with mutual dependency with expected outcomes and benefits. To do this, schedule regular meetings with your MSP so you’ll always be up-to-date with their operations as well as stay on top of the latest technology trends.

Do I Need Managed IT Services?  

Technology is transforming the world of business. Your business needs technology that works today, tomorrow and beyond. However, the tech industry is complex and changes at a blazing-fast speed.  That means, maintaining IT resources and infrastructure can be increasingly complex for any business.

Research shows that successful deployment of managed IT services help in reducing IT costs by approximately 25 to 45% and also increase the operational efficiency by 45 to 65%.

Most businesses that want to streamline their IT operations turn to managed IT service providers to accomplish that goal.

Managed Services is a better option as you. From planning for future IT needs to industry expertise, Managed IT Services focus not only on the technology itself but on how technology helps you meet your business goals.

Itopia Managed IT Services Solutions

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We have experience helping organizations with their IT infrastructure, from strategic planning, implementation, monitoring to maintenance so that they can experience the benefits of increased efficiencies, minimized downtime and increased productivity. 

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