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Calculate how much IT support will cost your business, per user or per month.

See how much IT support will cost your business. Choose from on-site, remote, per hour, per-user or per-device on a monthly or prepaid basis.

Why do most organisations outsource their IT support?

It does not matter if you're a small or large business that wants to outsource your IT support; the business case generally remains the same. People want reliable technology that is efficient and doesn't cost too much. Your business is great at what it does, and IT is not your core focus.

Most businesses outsource their IT support so they can reduce costs and ensure the quality of service. Many internal IT teams are too generalised and do not specialise in many areas. When outsourcing to a specialised IT service provider, you'll get access to a range of certified experts who have specialised skills that smaller internal teams don't have.

Reduce IT Costs

Improve service delivery

Focus on core business fuctions

Calculate how much IT support will cost your business

Calculate the cost of outsourced IT support

Per user or per device

Monthly, on-demand or prepaid

If your business is not getting the technology support, you need, and you would like to know how much onsite or remote support will cost your organisation, complete the form, and you'll get a quote, it's fast free and easy.

It doesn't matter if you are looking for break-fix, ongoing monthly maintenance and support, or pre-paid, we have a support plan that suits your needs. Our online pricing calculator will give you a price based per user, per hour or even a monthly basis. We have a plan that suits your needs.