Cost Management

Benefits of Managed Services

Customers can realise several key benefits in utilising a Managed Service Provider

  • Cost
  • Retention of staff, skills & knowledge
  • Support Availability
  • Access to Skills
  • Business Focus & Flexibility


Employers need to consider ‘cost to company’ and not just basic salary of resource employment. Additional costs to be considered are costs of items such as recruiting, training, holidays, sick days, superannuation, employment benefits, bonuses, taxes, insurances and resource turnover cost implications.

These can work out to around 20% to 25% markup on that base salary.

Retention of staff, skills & knowledge

When a member of staff leaves, all the training, certifications, investment and site knowledge is lost. Hiring the right person can be difficult, and retaining that good engineer, when you’ve finally found one, is equally hard and can be costly.

With a Managed Service Provider (MSP), responsibility lies with the MSP for their team to have the required training and certifications and site knowledge.

Support Availability

Your business hours may not align with a full time employees set hours. With a Managed Service Provider you have coverage provided by a team for less the cost of one full-time employee. Also, if an employee is on leave for sickness or holiday, this may impact the business with the reduced coverage. A MSP offer resiliency so the business is unaffected.

Access to a broader range of skills & resources

Since it’s their core competency, Managed Service Providers look to hire highly experienced staff with specific qualifications and certifications. If your business relies upon one or a few in-house IT professionals, you’re likely restricted to the knowledge and schedules of those few individuals.

When using a MSP, your company will benefit from the expertise and availability of a team of professionals who are receiving continuous training and information regarding the latest IT solutions.

There is more likelihood of keeping up with technology and the benefits to the business – core to the MSP business. Ongoing consultancy and advice will also be available to the business, included as part of the Managed Services or Microsoft Office 365 Managed Services.

Business Focus & Flexibility

Utilising a MSP allows the company to focus more on their core business while allowing the outsourced IT Managed Service Provider to take care of the tech. These resources and costs can increase or decrease to adapt to the changing work load.

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